New web­-map application of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences CZU

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences CZU has prepared a web­-map app making available many interesting information about the forests of the Czech Republic. In an interactive way, you can learn about changes in forest production due to climate change, forest fires, bark beetle outbreaks, or wind damage to forests. The app’s purpose is primarily to popularize and make available the results of forestry research, but it can also be used in education or creation of various strategic documents.
The app provides access to several hundred maps in various thematic categories, such as Production, Bark beetle, Gypsy moth, Wind, Fires, and Hunting. In addition to basic map browsing, the app also contains various interactive elements, which enable a lot of additional information to be obtained.
In the Fires section, it is possible to click on the interactive map to obtain graphs with the development of forest fires in individual districts between 2006-2015. The Interactive overview of fire water sources section, after clicking on the map, will provide information on various parameters of the pond, reservoir, or other object in question, including photo documentation.
In Wind, it is possible to learn about the results of modelling the susceptibiity of forest stands to wind damage in the Czech Republic. In addition to map outputs, general information on the effect of wind on forest stands and the proposal of operating procedures for minimizing wind damage are made available in a very clear way. Another interesting functionality determines the critical wind speed at which damage occurs on the basis of various vegetation parameters.
At present, the most topical thematic category is probably Bark beetle, which makes accessible information about the course of the outbreak in previous years, as well as about the prediction of forest damage in the following period.
Individual parts of the application are continuously updated – new data and new functionalities are added. Registered users are continuously informed about these changes.

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