COVID-19 crisis interlinkage with past pandemics and their effects on food security

An interdisciplinary research group CZU COVID-19 Response Team, which was led by our Group leader – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík just published their work in Globalization and Health (one of the most prestigious journals, which is pioneering and transdisciplinary journal that situates public health and wellbeing within the dynamic forces of global development).
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on various aspects of human life, and food security is no exception. Throughout history, pandemics have left a profound impact on global food systems, affecting the well-being of communities and posing threats to food security. This article explores the interlinkage between the current COVID-19 crisis and past pandemics, analysing their effects on food security and offering insights into strategies for building resilient food systems.

Conference invitation: 4th MCYR - Call for abstracts

Dear colleagues,  let me invite you and your colleagues to the 4th MCYR! All the information can be found here. MULTIDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE FOR YOUNG RESEARCHERS (MCYR)

Detrimental effect of drought on maize production

Maize is one of the important food crops in the Czech Republic, its growth and productivity are influenced by climate change.

New tool to predict avian roadkill hotspots in Europe

In this study we elaborate on a forecasting map of potential avian roadkill-risk across Europe.

Evapotraspiration helps to dry timber from fast-growing species

This study deals with the use of evapotranspiration and covering as a means of drying wood.

Development of industry and infrasctructure is the major threat for proboscis monkey at Borneo

Proboscis monkeys, endemic to Borneo, inhabit the fastest-disappearing forest types within the island.

Nanoplastics may interfere with nutrient uptake by plants

Nanosized plastics (nanoplastics) releasing into the wastewater may pose a potential threat to biological nitrogen removal.

Our wood scientists have another valuable paper in Q1 journal

Our researchers from SP9 and SP10 focused their attention to wood thermal treatment and published valuable paper in Composite Structures journal.

PHOTO REPORT: Inauguration of the Dean Prof. Patrick Van Damme

On May 5, Prof. ir. Dr. Patrick Van Damme was inaugurated as the new Dean of the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture CZU. He was appointed to the office by the CZU rector Prof. Petr Sklenička and replaced Prof. Jan Banout.

New web­-map application of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences CZU

Web-map app making available many interesting information about the forests of the Czech Republic.

FES a member of the Bird@Farmland initiative by the European Commission

Our team participates on Conservation Science for Flagship Birds

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