PHOTO REPORT: Inauguration of the Dean Prof. Patrick Van Damme

On May 5, Prof. ir. Dr. Patrick Van Damme was inaugurated as the new Dean of the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture CZU. He was appointed to the office by the CZU rector Prof. Petr Sklenička and replaced Prof. Jan Banout.

Prof. Patrick Van Damme of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium promises to bring in a shift towards more emphasis on contribution to society as an alternative to the current focus on number of published peer-reviewed articles in impact-factor, scientific journals.

“We are rather unique even in the world – TROPICAL AGRICULTURAL FACULTY: at best people had departments of tropical agriculture - it is another way of presenting ourselves to the world – solely devoted to tropical agriculture sensu lato. New building equals new enthusiasm.”

Read the interview with the new Dean of FTA HERE.

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