Application of composted sewage sludge to brownfield soil

Our project group started a field experiment at brownfield in Ústí nad Labem Region in cooperation with Juros company, a project partner. The main aim is to experimentally verify that composted sewage sludge represents a quality product applicable to brownfield soils. Moreover, using a local waste sludge for remediation of degraded soils in the same region provides economic benefits.

For the past six months, local sewage sludges were subjected to a composting process to decrease the potential toxicity of the waste material. The composted product was applied to an experimental site nearby, mixed with the topsoil, and the layer was levelled. Marked experimental fields will be monitored every month – pore water solution and soil samples will be collected for risk elements analysis. Based on the metal(loid) behaviour and mobility under field conditions, the environmental impacts of the composted sludge will be evaluated.


Refer to the applied project of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic No. SS01020167 called “Sustainable recycling of sewage sludge - Usti region”.

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