ERASMUS+ in Indonesia

Today in Indonesia uses the Czechoslovak technology and a large number of prominent Indonesian experts, such as university teachers, entrepreneurs, members of governments, but also notable artists received their education in the former Czechoslovakia. Currently, the CAU through technical faculty coordinator of the pilot project Erasmus plus. In this project it is expected that over the next two years will exchange approximately 24 teachers and students.

The project's contracts were signed with Del Institute of Technology (ITDEL), HKBP Nommensen University (HUN) and the University of North Sumatera (USU). The aim of the collaboration between CUA and Indonesian institutions is to promote study courses focusing on agricultural engineering and more involved in scientific research and teaching activities.

Thanks to cooperation with CAU has increased the quality of education at local universities, provide better graduates in agricultural sciences, to a greater involvement of teachers of Indonesian institutions in the scientific research process, increase their publishing activity and the transfer of knowledge to local environmental conditions. Among the indirect effects of cooperation among higher education in agriculture, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of local farmers and processors of agricultural products.

Strengthening the reputation of the Czech Republic

In terms of national interest we can sort the implications of this cooperation will also strengthen the good name of the Czech Republic and strengthening its position on the market in Indonesia, which is still open for the Czech Republic because of continuing the reputation of Czechoslovak engineering and agriculture. In the first stage of the project has been the first teachers trips to the CUA institutions involved in Indonesia. On HUN worked in Medan čtxři weeks Ing. Kabutey Abraham, Ph.D., and IT DEL worked doc. Ing. Milan Kroulík, Ph.D. Ten-teaching assignment at USU HUN and completed at the turn of January and February prof. Ing. David Herák, Ph.D., Assoc. Ing. Jiri Masek, Ph.D., and Ing. Peter Earl, Ph.D.

As the first student pulled out a six-month research fellowship PhD student Ing. Jaroslav Holub from the Department of agricultural machinery and its research activities in the PhD implements IT DEL. During 2016, we expect the arrival of several teachers from Indonesian universities who are involved in teaching at the CUA. The acquisition of the Erasmus plus for Indonesia is credited with being prof. Ing. David Herák, Ph.D., who has extensive experience with Indonesia and turns in various projects associated with this wonderful archipelago has been operating since 2006.

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