Join the "Welcome to the Czech Republic" adaptation course for non-EU students

Registration is available here: REGISTRATION  HAS BEEN CLOSED
The link for the MS Teams meeting will be sent to you a few days prior to the course.
The course begins on Friday 3 December at 14:00 at lasts for a few hours.
The course will be in ENGLISH language. 
The number of participants is limited to 40! "First come, first served."

The course is designed only for non-EU citizens, although EU citizens may also find a lot of interesting information too. Yet their situation, as concerns the residence legislation, is much easier than that of the third-country nationals! The topics of the course will be based on your needs (preliminary schedule is following):  

  • Residence legislation: Visas, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship. Terms, conditions and fees. Biometrics. Travel in the EU/Schengen area. Invitation to family and friends. Family reunification. Conditions for study.
  • Education: Czech educational system. Placement of children in Czech schools. Czech language courses. Recognition of previous education.
  • Employment: Employee card. Types of work contracts. How to look for a job. Taxes. Health and social insurance. Students and employment. Risks and protection of employees.
  • Business: Setting up a business license in the Czech Republic. Health, social insurance, taxes. Residence legislation and running a business.
  • Healthcare and health insurance: Healthcare system in the Czech Republic. Public and private health insurance.     
  • Housing: Renting a flat. Searching for a flat. Housing contracts. Fees related to rental and services. Housing and residence legislation.
  • Everyday practical life: Emergencies. Transportation. Driving license. Post office. Official correspondence etc.
  • About the Czech Republic: Czech public holidays. Customs and traditions. Basic cultural overview. Interesting sights and leisure time activities.
  • Important contacts: Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Police Service. Integration centres and non-profit non-governmental organizations provide free of charge services to foreigners.

          The course is financed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic! The course is free of charge for the participants-students. The Ministry of the Interior also finances professional non-governmental organizations to provide free of charge counselling to foreigners so that they avoid mistakes during their stay in the Czech Republic.

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