Concluding the mobility

In order to conclude the mobility (Erasmus or Exchange stay), each student needs two documents: the Transcript of Records and confirmation of the duration of your mobility.



Transcript of Records is a document with all the grades (results) of all the courses you took part in during your Erasmus. The Transcripts will be issued AFTER the end of the examination period, which is 30.06.2024 !!! Until this day, you have the option of passing exams. Also, until this time, you must CONTROL the grades (results) in the UIS.

Here is how to control the grades (results) of the exams:

  1. log into the UIS
  2. go to Student's portal
  3. Click on the E-study record. Here you can see all the results, so make sure to check that all the results were registered and that all the results are correct!


The Transcripts will be distributed via email directly to you – students.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague does not issue paper-based transcripts since the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year. Our transcripts are signed by a qualified digital certificate, the highest type of digital signature existing in the European Union. The qualified digital certificate is issued by an official trust service provider, and it fully complies with the eIDAS E.U. regulation, which came into power in September 2018. (

Our digital certificates are provided by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic through the state-owned company Česká pošta (=Czech Post), and the authority is PostSignum This authority complies with all E.U. regulations.

See details on the website of the European Commission:

More details about the postsignum certification authority are available here:

You can verify postsignum signatures online, but typically not through Microsoft Software, because Microsoft, as a US-based company, does not support eIDAS and E.U. Trust List.


For these reasons, the Transcripts are sent directly to studentsCZU will not be resending transcripts to your universities (coordinators). You, as students, can simply do it by yourself. All requests for resending the transcripts directly to your university will be denied.

If your university has any doubts about the Transcript's validity, please share this information with them. Your university can always contact its law department to ask about digital signatures.



According to Erasmus's rules, each student must submit a document confirming the duration of the mobility to their home university. Such a document needs to specify the date of arrival and the date of departure.

You can either use a confirmation provided to you by your home university
a confirmation provided by CZU - which is available HERE for download
You always choose only one type of confirmation!

signing the confirmation

Your physical presence is essential for signing the document!
Therefore, pre-fill in the confirmation (specify your name, etc.) and come to the International Relations Office (MAP). If you cannot print the document, I will print it for you. 
Office hours are 9:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:30
- Your stay at CZU has to be at least 3 months long! No shorter duration is available! (For example, 05.02.2024 - 05.05.2024).
- You have to come !!!IN PERSON!!! to the CZU International Relation Office to get your confirmation signed! NO ONLINE SIGNATURES ARE AVAILABLE!!!
- The confirmation can be signed a maximum of THREE days before the marked final date of your Erasmus. For example, if the final date of your physical presence marked in the document is 14.06.2024, I can sign the document on 11.06.2024 at the earliest!
- It is up to you to decide when you want to conclude your Erasmus stay. The latest day I can confirm on the document is 30.06.2024. 


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