How to submit the Accommodation Scholarship Application

Basic information

The accommodation scholarship is paid retroactively for the past three months: in January - for the period from October to December; in April - for the period from January to March; and in July - for the period from April to June. No scholarship is paid for the period from July to September.

Necessary step before applying

The accommodation scholarship can be sent to Czech bank account only! Revolut account is not considered as a Czech bank account. Therefore, you need to open a Czech bank account first. You can take some inspiration from the following websites in search for the best bank:, Prague University of Economics,,

Once you have your Czech bank account opened, you can proceed with the Accommodation Scholarship Application:

Accommodation Scholarship Application

  1. Log into the UIS

  2. Go to your Student's portal

  3. Go to Bank accounts

  4. Select the purpose as "for benefit pay-outs", Bank's country Czech republic, choose the name of the bank, set currency as CZK, and specify the Account number. You can also set a validity of the bank account. WHen done, click on Add.

  5. Go back to Student's portal and choose Accommodation benefit application form

  6. Click on Activate the request

    the UIS will confirm your request was accepted.

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