Christmas gathering with the Welcome Centre

On Thursday, December 15, the festively decorated buffet at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences provided a cosy environment full of aromas, tastes, and visual sensations and with many surprises. Nothing that makes a Czech Christmas Christmas was missing here. The long table sagged under the goodies that the women's section of the Welcome Centre had prepared in their homes. Vánočka, gingerbread, potato salad, Kuba, and Christmas candy caused waves of enthusiasm. 



However, the international guests did not let themselves be put to shame, so there was also a Spanish potato tortilla, Swedish gingerbread or Indian palak paneer on the festive table. The guests could try out some of the Czech traditions for themselves. Creativity workshops for Christmas decorations were prepared and explained by the manager of the Welcome Centre, Mirka Perst and her colleague Martina Šlesingerová.


Decorating gingerbread, creating Advent decorations, cutting and peeling apples or lighting candles in walnut shells excited everyone. As well as decorating a Christmas tree, on which a famous quote of choice was prepared for everyone. And there were a lot of presents under the tree. The Christmas quiz tested knowledge of Czech Christmas traditions, which was naturally more challenging for scientists from more exotic countries than for Europeans with similar traditions. In the end, everyone sang the well-known carol Silent Night, even in the Czech language!



Scientists from all corners of the world thus got a unique opportunity to experience the country's traditions that became their home for a while. The special guest of the Christmas gathering was CZU Vice-Rector for International Relations Professor Michal Losťák, who wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

The original text by Lenka Prokopová was translated into English (Link to the original text: 




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