Czech Language Courses at the Welcome Centre

In February 2023 Welcome Centre for International Scholars at CZU started offering beginners’ and intermediate level Czech classes with our lovely teacher Ms. Kateřina Bíglová. The beginner’s course is divided into batches and takes place on Wednesday where Ms. Bíglová teaches students with little to no experience with the Czech language. This is attended in two groups. They started with the very basics and slowly built up their vocabularies for everyday objects and activities.

“The Czech classes are excellent. The teacher is very patient with my low level of knowledge, and happy to explain things as many times as necessary.” Luke Beesley from UK

The intermediate level classes are conducted on Thursday and are for students with prior knowledge of the language. In these majority of the class takes place in Czech itself and the students learn in a fully immersive environment in order to always use Czech and get a better opportunity to not only hear but to use their Czech. Every class tends to have a predefined topic for the students to prepare in order for them to look up words they might want to use in advance while talking during the lesson.

“Ms Biglova is actively teaching us and tries to have real conversations. (…) And it is great to practice in such a small group.” Nick Schaffstall from the Netherlands

“Ms Biglova is very kind, patient and always ready to teach us and answer our questions about anything. My biggest difficulty is with grammar, and she has helped me a lot with that.” Rorai Pereira Martins Neto from Brazil

“I really appreciate the Czech classes. The teacher is comprehensive and goes to our speed.” Manhattan Lebrun from France


Author: Arora Ranjodh Singh 

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