CZU as a part of the European network EURAXESS – Researchers in motion

The Czech University of Life Sciences has become part of the European network EURAXESS – Researchers in motion, and has thus been included among 600 service centers operating in 42 European countries. The EURAXESS organization was founded by the European Commission to support the mobility of scientific researchers and at the same time to strengthen scientific cooperation between Europe and the world. The CZU EURAXESS Service Center operates at the Welcome Center for International Scholars and offers a range of comprehensive services to scientists and their families moving to the Czech Republic. For example, it provides them with help and assistance from the initial preparatory stages in their 9 home countries to their arrival in a new environment in the Czech Republic. It helps to find suitable accommodation, assists in processing visas, work permits and offers assistance in solving problems associated with staying abroad. Researchers and their families have access to the national center EURAXESS Czech Republic, where they have the opportunity to get a lot of practical information related to, among other things, professional development, employment and funding. CZU is now part of the national center EURAXESS Czech Republic, which actively cooperates with the European Commission as a support platform for organizations and research centers.

EURAXESS Worldwide is a multidisciplinary networking tool supporting researchers working outside of Europe who wish to connect or stay connected with Europe. EURAXESS Worldwide has dedicated teams in the following countries and regions: ASEAN (focus on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam), Latin America and the Caribbean (focus on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia), China, India, Japan, North America (US and Canada) and Australia/New Zealand and Korea.

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