Karlštejn Castle with the Welcome Centre

On the 29th of July, we enjoyed an amazing trip to a village called Mořinka and Karlštejn Castle. After taking a train and a bus we were finally in Mořinka which has a long and impressive history. With the assistance of Lukáš Pospíšil, the Head of the International Relations Office at CZU, we were privileged to delve into the fascinating heritage of Mořinka. One of the most magical moments of our expedition was climbing one of the hills to see the fascinating view of Mořinka. As we reached the summit, that wonderful view, where blue and green meet harmoniously, drew us in.  


After enjoying the view, we started to walk towards the Karlštejn Castle through the Protected Landscape Area Český Kras. In the woods, we could see and taste the fruit trees in every part of the journey. While enjoying nature, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better among international scholars. After a while, we could see the captivating Karlštejn Castle with its flamboyant architecture. What is one of the essentials of a trip? Of course, taking a nice picture! In front of the mesmerizing Castle, we took a beautiful souvenir photo where everyone is smiling and enjoying that beautiful moment. So, what is special about this Castle? Karlštejn Castle is a majestic medieval fortress located on the hilltop. With each step, we traversed through time. Karlštejn Castle was intended only for the secular and spiritual needs of King Charles IV, so according to a legend, women were forbidden from entering. Another legend tells of a blind musician who played the lute accompanied by his faithful dog. One day this dog saved the prince from being poisoned. With the narration of our welcoming guide, we felt the history of this great castle.  


Our journey to Mořinka was nothing short of extraordinary, a whirlwind of historical discovery with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Karlštejn Castle, standing tall as a symbol of the village’s captivating history, stood as the crowning jewel of our expedition leaving an unforgettable mark on our hearts and minds. If you ask me how this trip went, I must say that it was worth every moment.  



Author: Aka Nurhayat

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