Navigating the Czech Health Care System: Insights from the Welcome Centre Seminar

In today's globalized world, international scholars and professionals often find themselves navigating complex health care systems in their host countries. To address the specific needs and concerns of international scholars in the Czech Republic, on Tuesday February 27th the Welcome Centre for International Scholars organized a seminar on Health Care System in the Czech Republic in collaboration with the Integration Centre Prague.

Led by specialists Bc. Petra Kaucká and Roksolana Fedorenko from the Integration Centre, the seminar provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of the Czech health care system.


The seminar covered a wide range of topics essential for understanding and accessing health care services in the Czech Republic:

Public and Commercial Health Insurance: Understanding the nuances of health insurance is crucial for international scholars settling in the Czech Republic. Bc. Petra Kaucká provided comprehensive information on the distinctions between public and commercial health insurance options available in the country. Attendees learned about the coverage provided by each type of insurance and the procedures for enrollment and payment.

Finding a Doctor, Specialist Visits, and Fees: One of the fundamental aspects of accessing health care is finding a suitable doctor or specialist. Roksolana Fedorenko elaborated on the process of locating healthcare providers, scheduling appointments, and understanding the associated fees. Participants gained valuable insights into the Czech healthcare landscape, including the availability of both public and private healthcare facilities.

Sick Leave Tips: For international scholars balancing academic pursuits with health concerns, understanding sick leave policies is essential. Roksolana Fedorenko provided practical tips on navigating sick leave procedures, including documentation requirements and communication with employers or academic institutions. Attendees learned how to manage their health needs while adhering to Czech labor laws and academic regulations.

Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and Pharmacies: In emergencies, knowing where to go for medical assistance is vital. Participants gained clarity on the procedures to follow in case of medical emergencies, including accessing emergency services and obtaining necessary medications.

Overall, the seminar organized by the Welcome Centre for International Scholars and the Integration Center Prague proved to be a valuable resource for our international students and scholars navigating the Czech health care system. Through the expertise of specialists Bc. Petra Kaucká and Roksolana Fedorenko, participants gained practical knowledge and insights that will empower them to access and utilize healthcare services effectively during their time in the Czech Republic. By fostering a deeper understanding of the healthcare landscape, the seminar contributed to the well-being and integration of our international community into the Czech society.

In addition to the members of the academic staff of the Czech University of Life Sciences, the seminar was also open to international PhD and Master's students.

The Welcome Centre for International Scholars would like to thank everyone for their participation and we look forward to seeing you soon at other similar events we are planning in the future.


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