Once again to Průhonice Park with the Welcome Centre

On Sunday 21st of May, Welcome Centre for International Scholars organised a visit to the Průhonice Park in order to enjoy the spring. The group was led by Mr. Lukáš Pospíšil, MSc, the Head of International Relations Office, who earlier taught at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. The group met at the Opatov metro station and then continued to the park. It was a small enough group to be able to enjoy the fascinating information Mr. Pospíšil had to offer.

The weather was nice and clear, as the group passed through the courtyard of the park. Commissioned by the Count Ernst Emanuel Graf von Silva-Tarouca in the late 1800s, it was built by the Bohemian artist Jiří Stibral in the Czech Renaissance Revivalist style. Since the rhododendrons were blossoming, the park was filled with overwhelming smells and fantastic colours. The Průhonice park is known for its English landscape style which, at the time of its design, was a very popular style around Europe for gardens. These English landscape style gardens were further beautified with plants of exotic origin, which together with the native plant species make parks and gardens like the Průhonice a must-visit.

The group walked for around 11-12 kilometres and spent a wonderful sunny day in a place comparable to Paradise. It was a day well spent and hard to forget.

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