Steiner & Kovarik Chocolate Factory: A Sweet Delight for International Researchers and Families

On Saturday, March 2nd, a group of international researchers and their families gathered for a visit to the exclusive Steiner & Kovarik Chocolate Factory. Organized by the Welcome Centre, this special event promised a unique opportunity to experience the world of chocolate craftsmanship.

Accompanied by their loved ones, the researchers embarked on a guided tour of the factory, immersing themselves in the processes of chocolate production. One of the owners explained the whole process from negotiating with local farmers in Colombia, through the roasting of fine cocoa beans to the delicate art of tempering and decorating the final products. During the tour, we could observe the speed and the precision of the chocolatiers.

The tasting session proved to be a highlight for both adults and children alike. We savoured an array of high-quality chocolates and chocolate liqueurs including ginger chocolate, 100% chocolate, moringa chocolate and even Sakura chocolate! From traditional favourites to innovative blends, there was something tasteful in every bite.

In the chocolate workshop, everyone created their own chocolate by adding playful decorations from freeze-dried fruits and different kinds of nuts. After the chocolate has hardened properly, we could bring it with us home as a sweet memory.

Throughout the event, the warm hospitality and expertise of the Steiner & Kovarik team ensured that every moment was filled with wonder and delight. The visit had not only provided a glimpse into the world of chocolate-making, but guests also carried with them boxes of delicious chocolates and the joy of an unforgettable day spent in good company.


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