VITALITAS - Commercial Health Insurance for International Employees and Students

We would like to present to our international community at CZU the Czech commercial health insurance company VITALITAS. 

VITALITAS is a subsidiary company of OZP, one of the biggest public health insurance companies in the Czech Republic. 

VITALITAS focuses on 3 major groups of products:  

  • travel insurance 
  • accident insurance 
  • health insurance 


Health insurance is mandatory for all foreigners staying in the Czech Republic. For foreigners who are not eligible to apply for public health insurance, Commercial health insurance is a requirement for obtaining a visa or residence in the Czech Republic. 

VITALITAS offers two types of insurance: 

Necessary and Urgent Healthcare – recommended for short-term stay up to 90 days in the Czech Republic, the maximum limit of coverage is 60 000 EUR 

Comprehensive Health Care – for longer periods over 90 days, the maximum limit of coverage is 400 000 EUR  

Both types of insurance cover: 

  • necessary examination for diagnosis and treatment 
  • necessary treatment and hospitalization 
  • urgent dental treatment 
  • outpatient prescribed medication 
  • repatriation to home country 
  • emergency treatment in the Schengen area 


Comprehensive Health Care will cover the following additional services: 

  • preventive care 
  • vaccinations 
  • dispensary care 
  • pregnancy care 


VITALITAS does not cover pre-existing health conditions, people with a certain type of disease can be excluded from the insurance coverage. 

VITALITAS offers Assistance helpline 24/7 

For more details, consult the website: 

As the Czech University of Life Sciences is part of the European network EURAXESS – Researchers in motion, all international students and employees are eligible for a 20 % discount on insurance with VITALITAS

For more information on how to get the discount, contact the CZU Welcome Centre at

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