New programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic SIGMA

On 18 May 2022, the Government of the Czech Republic approved a new programme of the Czech Technology Agency called SIGMA, which will support applied research and innovation projects. The announcement of the first public competitions is scheduled for the end of this year. The duration of the programme is set at 8 years, i.e. until 2029.

The programme is a new comprehensive instrument that aims to address several objectives and measures set out in key strategic and conceptual documents for research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic. It will enable a dynamic response to the current needs of society that may arise from unexpected circumstances and events.

The main vision of this support instrument is to merge several current TA CR programmes into one programme, to enable support to regions based on their innovation potential, to support cross-cutting and systemic measures, including leaving room for support in as yet unidentified areas/topics. The main advantages of the programme are its efficiency, flexibility and variability, timing and linkage with EU programmes.

Sub-objectives of the new programme:

Sub-objective 1 – Pre-application research activities (DC1)

Sub-objective 2 – Early career researchers and equalisation of opportunities in applied research projects (DC2)

Sub-objective 3 – Promoting the innovation potential of the social sciences, humanities, and arts (DC3)

Sub-objective 4 – International cooperation (DC4)

Sub-objective 5 – Cross-cutting support (DC5)

More information can be found here (now only in Czech language).

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