The European Commission approved the Johannes Amos Comenius Programme (P JAC)

On Thursday, 9 June 2022, the Johannes Amos Comenius Programme (P JAC) was officially approved by the European Commission (EC). The total of 90 billion CZK is earmarked to support research, development and education in the period 2021–2027.

The first calls for project applications were announced by the Ministry of Education in May, with more than ten calls planned for this year alone.

The new programme builds on the previous Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP VVV) and at the same time introduces innovations responding to current global challenges with the aim of using European funds as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The priorities of the programme are to support research and development and education, at all levels.

On Thursday 23 June, the first meeting of the Monitoring Committee will take place to discuss and approve the strategic documents of this programme and the next calls. A call for excellent research is planned for July and international mobility of researchers will also be supported.

More information can be found on the P JAC website.

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