Sample Projects

Application of composted sewage sludge to brownfield soil

Look into our fieldwork near Ústí nad Labem!

Medium-chain Fatty Acids Reduce Bacterial Contamination

One of the main causes of foodborne infections of humans in developed countries is microbial contamination of chicken meat by enteropathogenic bacteria. For their effective reduction, it is necessary to reduce the number of the campylobacteriosis and salmonellosis bacterial species in the digestive tract of animals, because the content of the digestive tract is the most common source of resulting contamination of the surface of poultry meat.

300 Years of Trojmezná through a Prism of Dendrochronological Analysis

A picture of the development of natural spruce stands after the disturbances inside the Bohemian Forest was created with the use of dendrochronological analyses based on the manner of recruitment of juveniles into the canopy and the change of the width of the tree rings increment in older individuals.

Fragrant Essential Oils Protect Wood

The greatest efficacy in combating fungal attacks on beech wood has been shown by oils containing substances carvacrol and thymol, found for example in oregano and thyme. It was found by a research of the scientists from the CULS.

The Effects of Fragmentation of Farmland Owners

The Czech Republic and Slovakia boast two priorities in the EU: the largest production units and the largest share of leased land. Excessive production units are worsening the problems with erosion and the process of floods or droughts and are reducing the biodiversity and aesthetic value of the landscape.

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