The program of the first STAFF WEEK at the CZU is designed for members of the international relations offices who wish to actively share knowledge and best practices in university networks. CZU is currently leading the secretariat of the networks ELLS, ICA, CASEE, AGRINATURA and Study in Prague. CZU is also strongly involved in other networks (Study in the Czech Republic, DRC and EUA) and would like to exchange experiences in coordinating activities and participating in these networks.  

Presentations, workshops and personal meetings will allow participants to fully dive into the various types of university networks, the perks of their establishment and coordination and the opportunities that they present. Joint activities of these networks such as student conferences, summer schools or joint degrees will all be examined from a practical point of view (management, financing, student experiences, etc.).  


Moreover, CZU Prague is also strongly promoting the Erasmus Without Papers project and has three semesters of experiences with the Online Learning Agreement for both outgoing as well as incoming students. CZU is also planning to open a Welcome centre for international scholars and students, which should facilitate their integration into the campus life. All these topics will be part of a three-day training programme ending with a day of excursions.



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