Study abroad at the Zhejiang Ocean University (Winter 2021/2022 semester)

At Zhejiang Ocean University (People's Republic of China), there are vacancies for study stays in the winter semester of 2021/2022. Six participants will be supported by a scholarship of CZK 8,000 per month + the flight ticket. The deadline for registration is 31.5.2021. If you are interested, fill in the attached Application form and send it by email to

Programs (for undergraduate students): 

Chinese: variable 

Taught in English: Mechanotronics; Safety Engineering/Chemistry; Region Studies(China)

Dormitory: 2 students per room; public kitchen room and bathroom; 50 RMB yuan each for deposit; 1800 RMB yuan per semester.

Health Insurance: 400 RMB yuan each per semester (for accidental and inpatient invoices issued by hospital)

Files for download

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