What is internationalisation in the context of university?

  • international mobility of students and staff abroad, including virtual and combined mobility
  • international projects
  • study programmes taught together with a foreign partner university or schools (joint and double degree programmes)
  • memberships and active participation in the activities of international consortia and networks
  • strategic partnerships with foreign institutions
  • scientific research activities in cooperation with foreign scientists or institutions
  • teaching in a foreign language
  • mixing national and international elements within the university
  • study of international students in order to obtain a diploma
  • short-term study of international students, typically for the purpose of obtaining credits
  • exposure of domestic students and staff to international influence and diversity
  • tolerance
  • taking into account and support of study/work abroad within study programmes or job-related responsibilities
  • integration of foreigners into all activities of the university, including executive and managerial positions
  • building a good reputation abroad, promotion and marketing activities targeted abroad
  • maintaining contacts with foreign graduates
  • providing quality services for foreigners at the level of the undergraduate and graduate student, doctoral student or employee
  • promoting intercultural understanding, mixing cultural influences and learning from mutual tolerance, but also the partial boundaries of coexistence of cultures
  • acquisition of intercultural competencies (abilities, skills, knowledge) by students and staff
  • the ability to communicate in foreign languages, the lingua franca of today is English, and also other foreign languages ??are important
  • services of the same level for Czech and international students and employees

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