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Public transportation in Prague is one of the most efficient in Europe.  You will find it very easy to use.  One of the advantages of CZU's location is that many of the City’s points of interest are within easy reach by public transportation.  The Prague transit authority (Dopravní podnik Praha – DPP) operates three main subway lines – green, red, and yellow, and a large number of bus and tram routes. 

You can find all the necessary information on how and where to buy the tickets, routes, fares, and timetables at the official page of Prague Integrated Transport (Pražská integrovaná doprava) at or at the Prague Transit Authority at

The Welcome Centre recommends downloading a very helpful application which you can use for public transportation in Prague and the whole Central Bohemia region. More information here: With this app, you can purchase single tickets, monthly coupons, or a discounted yearly pass. You can also search for connections.



One of the country’s international airports is the Václav Havel Airport Prague (Letiště Václava Havla).  It is situated about 15 km west of the city centre and only 5 km from the University if you opt for taxi or car transportation.  However, we recommend using public transportation instead.  Bus line 119 brings its passengers to the nearest metro station.  The tickets may be purchased at the Prague Metropolitan Transport counter or at the automatic ticket machine right next to the bus stop. 



We recommend not getting into a taxi parked in front of the main tourist site or train stations as they will most likely charge you much higher rates.  There are many reputable taxi companies in Prague that will charge you a reasonable fare and good service, such as: 

AAA Radiotaxi – tel: 222 333 222,  

Sedop – tel: 227 227 227,  

City Taxi – tel. 257 257 257. 

Profi Taxi – tel. 14015, 

Halotaxi – tel. 244 114 411,  


However, many travellers order a taxi online or by phone at an alternative taxi service




For more information on how to get to ČZU, visit this LINK

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