Tax Obligations in Czechia

People who earn money usually pay an income tax.  This tax is typically deducted from your monthly paycheck throughout the year.  A tax year goes from January 1 to December 31.  After the end of the tax year, in January, all employers are required to create a summary statement of how much money each employee has earned or has been given and how much tax was withheld from each paycheck during the tax year. 


Some countries have tax treaties with the Czech Republic, but this doesn’t mean that taxes do not have to be paid.  Each treaty is different, and some say that a portion of the income will be exempt from taxes (not taxed). 


It is very important to define if you are a Czech tax resident or tax non-resident and if you have multiple sources of income. 


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Not filing tax forms, or filing them incorrectly, could result in severe penalties, including fines and interest on unpaid taxes. It could also impact applications for permanent residency. 


Compulsory monthly deductions from your income: 

  1. State tax: 15% 
  2. Health insurance: 4,5% 
  3. Social security insurance: 6,5% 

Additional deductions: meal allowances (optional) 


Social security is a mandatory retirement system in the Czech Republic.  Upon the completion of your employment in the Czech Republic, EU citizens can apply to transfer the withheld funds to their EU country’s social security system, and some non-EU citizens may apply for a refund providing their country has a treaty with the Czech Republic. 

There are many misunderstandings about taxes among foreigners in the Czech Republic. CZU Welcome Centre organizes each year a tax seminar where you can obtain a fundamental idea about Czech tax obligations. 


Please contact CZU Welcome Centre for more information. 

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