Innovative breakfast: All about the Falling Walls Lab CZ 2022 competition

We invite you to an event where you will learn everything important about the competition Falling Walls Lab CZ 2022, which takes place in September this year.

If you have an interesting idea and want to share it with the expert jury, you can take the opportunity to participate in the international competition Falling Walls Lab CZ 2022, whose 7th year takes place in September this year. The essence of the competition is the presentation of your idea in the length of three minutes. In case of a successful presentation, it is possible to win a financial reward and qualify in the world final.

A meeting called Innovative breakfast will take place on 9 June 2022 at 9.30 am on the Hybernská Campus, during which you will be familiarized with all the important details of this competition. You will learn why it is good to enter the competition, how this competition takes place, what people participate in this competition and how this competition helps you in your business or project. The event will also be attended by interesting guests who have personally participated in this competition in previous years. The partner events are Charles University and the Innovation Laboratory.

Registration for the event is possible here.

Details of the Innovative Breakfast can be found here.

Information about the Falling Walls Lab competition can be found here.

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