University students are taking part in the university carsharing project

Czech university of Life Sciences Prague, VŠE and CTU students worked on Uniqway's unique vehicle sharing concept, developing a website and mobile app. Thanks to free registration through the ISIC student card, anyone interested can borrow a selected vehicle.
At the Czech University of Life Sciences, a team of students from the Faculty of Economics and Management, led by Professor Luboš Smutka, are working on it. Each of the teams from the universities is working on another part of the project. University students are thus involved in the development of the community personnel system or the financial side of the project. Each of the cars has its own name, and now, for example, the Vizionář or the Rostlinkář park at the University premises. A test version of the system is currently being worked on. The implementation of the project was made possible by Škoda Auto and DigiLab.

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