Closure of the buildings of CZU faculties and other workplaces

In regards to the spreading of the coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2, the university management (in agreement with the CZU Emergency Committee, the Rector's Advisory Board and the directors of school estates) closes all CZU faculty buildings and all their workplaces with immediate effect from March 18th 2020, 13:00, for the indefinite period.

Each faculty is obliged to ensure the necessary technical operation of the buildings in order to avoid any damage to the property. Employees who will ensure the technical operation of buildings will be allowed to access the building only upon written or e-mail confirmation from the Dean or the Head of Dean´s Office of the relevant faculty, respectively Director of IEC. Entry to the Rectorate will be possible only on the basis of a written or e-mail confirmation of the CZU Bursar. Access to the campus and CZU buildings is allowed only with covered mouth and nose, i.e. with a mask, scarf or similar. In both university estates, the applied measures will continue to be regulated by their Directors.

However, the obligation to secure online teaching remains valid as it is the primary mission of the university.

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