Ensuring the conditions of study from 11th May 2020

The new conditions for continuation of studies at CZU will be applied with regards to the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic of April 30th 2020. The personal presence of students at all parts of the CZU from May 11th 2020 is no longer prohibited, however, it can only be allowed if certain measures are met, in particular:

Physical presence of students is possible only if the condition of presence of a maximum of 15 students in the group is met; this restriction does not apply to clinical and practical teaching and practice.

The student can be personally present at the CZU workplaces only:

  1. if a student is without acute health problems corresponding to a viral infection (e.g. fever, cough, dyspnoea, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.),
  2. disinfects the hands with disinfectants provided by CZU,
  3. student is no under quarantine at that time,
  4. provide a written affidavit stating that he or she had no symptoms of viral infection in the previous two weeks; student shall submit this declaration to the relevant CZU employee before entering the building; template of the written statement is published on the CZU website.

Furthermore, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance between individuals (min. 2 metres), follow the requirements for the use of protective equipment covering the nose and mouth (masks or respirators).

However, distance (online) forms of examinations are still possible and preferred.

More detailed information regarding the provision of study conditions from May 11th 2020 may be found in the attached Rector's Decision No. 13/2020.

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