The ceremonial meeting of the CZU Rector Petr Sklenička and the best university athletes of the year

The favourable situation regarding the COVID-19 finally enabled the meeting of the awarded athletes of the year with the Rector Petr Sklenička. "I am glad to be finally able to appreciate the CZU athletes, who, in addition to our country, also represent their alma mater, and I am very proud of them for that," says Petr Sklenička.

We would like to remind that the best CZU athlete for 2019 is Markéta Davidová, a student of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources. In second place was Josef Dostál and third Jakub Vadlejch, both students of the Faculty of Economics and Management.

The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place in early April as a part of the Spring Concert.

Congratulations to the awarded athletes representing the CZU Prague!

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