The CZU Department of Physical Education has launched a new outdoor gym

Ladders, parallel bars, horizontal bars. The new outdoor gym is another element in the wide range of sports activities offered by the CZU Department of Physical Education.

“Even at this time, when not only sports life has almost stopped, the Department of Physical Education definitely does not sleep. In addition to constant maintenance, we are still thinking about making the sport more accessible to students and the general public. We are very happy that we could invest the saved funds that we currently had at our disposal on this particular project. We believe that students will like it as much as our teachers, who can no longer wait to integrate the elements of the outdoor gym in their teaching,” said Dr Dušan Vavrla at the informal opening of the gym.


“I highly praise the investment of the saved funds of my colleagues in the outdoor gym. I am very glad that the CZU has another sports ground at its disposal, which will be used not only by students but also by employees and the public, “added the enthusiastic athlete and the CZU Rector Prof. Petr Sklenička.

The construction of the outdoor gym took about a month, including technological breaks.

“Approximately 40 cm below ground level, the foundation strips were built, into which structural elements of 23 different workplaces were anchored. As for the impact area – since we are a university for which the environment is a priority – we have chosen tree bark,” the secretary of the Department of Physical Education, Ing. Petr Diviš, described the construction of the gym.

Outdoor gyms have gained significant popularity in recent years. Many people prefer them to traditional gyms due to the possibility of exercise in the fresh air. People who would not go to the gym otherwise also train.

“The workout set is far from just for highly trained athletes. Rehabilitation exercises can also be done here. Many additional elements can be connected to the structure, such as rings, resistance bands or TRX. The range of ways to exercise is extensive. Here I will be with my students every other lesson,“ one of the teachers, Mgr. Michal Štohanzl, praises.

The outdoor gym, which required an investment of around CZK 350,000, is right in front of the Department of Physical Education building in the street called U Kruhovky.

The main mission of the Department is to enable students to enjoy a wide range of forms of sports and physical activities from compulsory physical education through popular sports courses, organising sports competitions or supporting sport on the CZU campus. These activities help create a lasting relationship with physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to its campus, the CZU has above-standard facilities with high-quality sports grounds, which benefit both students and employees, as well as the public. These sports venues operate practically without a break throughout the year, 360 days a year.

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