New academic year preparation

At the same time, however, teachers will be advised to consider conducting theoretical instruction in a hybrid mode where appropriate depending on the nature of the subject and the number of students. This means that lectures would also be broadcast online. Your faculty will provide you with exact information on how the teaching will occur before the semester starts. You will receive specific instructions for individual subjects from teachers in the first week of the semester.

If the state's stipulated condition for participation in contact teaching is proof of the absence of infection,  you need to be prepared that you will have to prove your vaccination or illness or a valid negative test for COVID-19 when entering the university. This obligation currently applies to residents in dormitories, which the Ministry of Health perceives as the primary risk of infection. Proof of absence of infection for the accommodated must therefore be taken into account during the winter semester; the exact procedure of the inspection will be specified. The use of the "Tečka" application in mobile phones is planned to speed up this process.

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