Young scientists from CULS Prague receive prize from Czech Minister of Agriculture

Ms Tereza Kolbasová and Ms Michaela Holá, graduate researchers from CULS Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, were awarded prizes from the Czech Minister of Agriculture for their outstanding results in research and in experimental fields of development. The award giving ceremony took place on the opening day of the “Bread and Basket Agricultural Fair” in České Budějovice, on 25 August 2016.

Ms Tereza Kolbasová received the award for her scientific paper entitled “Impact of Magnetic Fields Generated from High Voltage Transmitters on the Secretion of Melatonin of Mammals”, which has been published in prestigious scientific journals. The study was made on calves and sheds new light on the problematic issue of magnetic fields impacting the health and sleep patterns of domestic animals.

Ms Michaela Holá received the award for her scientific paper, published in peer reviewed scientific journals, and entitled “Analysis of Stable Isotopes Particles related to the Fodder Resources of Wild Boars”. Her findings will be quite important in research of fodder ecology of the wild boar population, and for better assessment of damages caused by wild boars to agricultural lands.

The prizes were awarded by the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Mr Milan Štěch, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Marian Jurečka, and the President of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Vilém Podrázský. The prize competition was organised by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences with the purpose to stimulate scientific research of young scientists, particularly in the areas of agriculture, food production, forestry and water management. The prizes also included financial awards, with 70 000 CZK for the winner of each category.