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Bachelor / Master thesis

Yes, it is possible to work on a bachelor or master thesis during your Erasmus student stay. However, to do it, you need to find yourself a supervisor from CZU who will be supervising your thesis work. You can contact a Department of a CZU faculty which cover your study area. Faculties of CZU can be found here: https://www.czu.cz/en/r-9187-faculties-and-other-parts

It is not possible to work on a bachelor/master thesis without having a CZU supervisor. 

If you have troubles finding the supervisor, you can also get in touch with the Internation Relations Office of the desired faculty.


Students coming to CZU under the Erasmus+ Programme are not allowed to stay at the dormitories within the CZU campus. Kindly respect this rule and do not apply for a place. For Erasmus students, a new external dormitory West has been established. More details about it can be found here: https://west.czu.cz/en

Students coming to CZU under a different exchange programme (for example, Memorandum of Understanding) can be accommodated at the CZU dormitories within the campus. More details will be sent directly to the students via email.


CZU requires all the incoming Erasmus and non-Erasmus students to have an English level certificate. However, no specific requirements are established. Therefore, even a simple confirmation signed by your home university stating that your English level is sufficient is fine. The certificate is one of the documents you need to upload into the UIS (more details about it here: https://www.czu.cz/en/r-9190-international-relations/r-17024-confirmed-nomination-and-university-information-system


As mentioned, dormitory West is an external dormitory designed for Erasmus students. However, other students can choose it as well. To apply for a place at the West, you need a login and password for the UIS. This login and password are included in the email confirming your nomination.

More about the confirmed nomination here: https://www.czu.cz/en/r-9190-international-relations/r-17024-confirmed-nomination-and-university-information-system

More about the West dormitory here: https://west.czu.cz/en 


 More details about insurance are in the NEWS section. Or direct link here: https://www.czu.cz/en/r-9190-international-relations/r-17193-news/insurance.html 


Students who need a Czech visa to come/stay in Czechia will be contacted via email directly with further instructions. CZU will secure the original Letter of Acceptance and the original Confirmation of Accommodation necessary for applying for the visa.

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