CZU is the most successful of the Czech universities in fulfilling sustainability principles. It is ranked 158th worldwide

The latest QS World University Rankings provide a significant comparison of 700 universities in terms of fulfilling the environmental dimension of sustainability. The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is ranked 158th and is the best among the Czech universities.

For the first time ever, universities are evaluated in this ranking according to how they fulfil sustainability principles in both the environmental and social dimensions. QS World University Rankings monitored four Czech universities out of a total of 700 worldwide regarding sustainability. CZU is the Czech leader in the field of sustainability and, with 158th place in the world, it is in the same position as, for example, the University of Osaka.

"In the social dimension, the results are no longer so great. However, in this regard, our university has great potential for improvement, mainly thanks to the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan," points out the Vice-Rector for International Relations and first Vice-Rector of CZU Prague prof. Michal Lošťák and notes that in another ranking, the Times Higher Education Ranking, which has been monitoring the sustainability of universities through the fulfilment of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for several years, CZU last ranked at an excellent 17th position in the world out of all 1,441 universities in fulfilling Goal no. 17: Partnership to achieve goals. Participation in this Objective is mandatory for all universities that wish to participate in this evaluation.

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