CZU won the National Award of the Czech Republic for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague won the first place in the National Award of the Czech Republic for Corporate Social Responsibility 2020 in the category of public sector, large and medium-sized enterprises - smart innovations. CZU also received the award Socially Responsible Organization II. degrees and the international award of the European Foundation for Quality Management "Committed to Sustainability" based on the EFQM Model of Excellence.Winning the National Award confirmed that the principles of sustainability and CSR are firmly rooted and functional at CZU. This year, CZU applied for the National Award of the Czech Republic for CSR organized by the Quality Council of the Czech Republic for the first time.

The mission of the award is to promote CSR and sustainable development through feedback provided to organizations by independent evaluation. The National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility promotes social awareness of CSR issues, what is their significance and meaning in practical life.

CZU has made major progress in the field of CSR in recent years, and the topic of sustainability has become one of the building blocks of the CZU Strategic Plan.

The focus of the university and individual faculties is very close to many topics related to CSR and sustainability. These topics are part of both educational activities - such as the content of study subjects and are closely related to scientific results that arise at individual faculties. A conceptual system for managing sustainability and CSR has been introduced throughout CZU. This agenda falls under the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for the Quality of Educational and Creative Activities, and adequate resources are allocated to it every year.

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