Markéta Davidová defended the title of CZU Athlete of the Year 2020

The CZU Athlete of the Year poll already knows the names of the top ten. The title was defended by biathlete Markéta Davidová, world champion from the endurance race in Pokljuka, Slovenia. Rowers Lenka Antošová and Kristýna Fleissnerová placed right behind her with a fresh fourth place in the double skiff from the World Cup in Lucerne. And the third-best CZU athlete is speed canoeist Josef Dostál, a three-time world champion in the kayakers category. Due to pandemic restrictions, the announcement of the winners took place on Tuesday, 8 June 2021, in a simple manner.

 The defending champion of last year’s title, biathlete Markéta Davidová, was presented by the Rector of the university, Prof. Petr Sklenička. He praised the world champion not only for her excellent sports performances but also for her exemplary approach to study. He commented with a smile on one of her conversations after the master’s performance in Slovenia when Markéta confided how her studies affect her.

“I appreciated that Markéta describes the study in her interviews as relaxation therapy because the combination of sport and study, even during the tense racing atmosphere at the World Championships, helps her. This makes the school and the studio a great reputation even at such important sporting events.”

This year, Markéta Davidová completed her master’s degree at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources. She passed with excellent results. She describes the years of study as a time she will remember with great appreciation: “The school provided me with great conditions to master both top sport and study. Both need their time, and nothing is without effort. I had more stress from exams at school, but otherwise, I don’t want to compare school and sports, that’s something else entirely. Anyway, during examination periods, my life was just about studying and training; everything else had to be put aside,” recalls the recent CZU Athlete of the Year.

 “You are an excellent athlete and a great student. This is a fact that cannot be just overcome,” she was praised by the Dean of FAFNR, Prof. Iva Langrová. Dean also congratulated the other two participants in the announcement of the winners of the poll - Pavlína Flamíková and Tereza Jakschová.

Pavlína Flamíková is studying at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, and in the CZU 2020 Athlete of the Year poll, she placed fifth thanks to her rowing performance. Like Markéta, she praises the combination of sports and studies. “It’s a great combination. During sports, I take a break from school, while studying, I take a break from the sport, everything is beautifully complemented. I am thrilled that everything can be done at CZU; there is a great approach and support. I’m really looking forward to being able to go back to school; I already miss teachers and classmates, I’m not happy with online learning.” And she’s not alone. Athlete Tereza Jakschová, the holder of the award for the best disabled athlete and at the same time a recent graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management, has the same feelings.

“A year and a half of online learning took from us a normal student life; we tried to enjoy it at least via computer,” she comments on the situation with a smile. “I will miss my studies, it was great here, and I especially appreciate the support. When the quarantine imprisoned me in Dubai, I had to deal with matters related to my diploma thesis, and I was afraid that I would not manage everything. Still, thanks to the great approach of the school, everything turned out well,“ adds Tereza.

The CZU Rector, Prof. Petr Sklenička, greatly appreciates that the university has such great students representing Czechia. “It is an honour for us and why not admit it, also the promotion of the university. We appreciate that you also manage to fulfil your study obligations during a demanding sports life, which is not easy. You deserve even more recognition,“  the head of the CZU Department of Physical Education, Dušan Vavrla, praised the athletes.

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague supports athletes at all levels. Students and graduates include top athletes, world champions, competitors at the Olympic games and league players. He supports the will to do sports and study at the same time with favourable conditions so that both demanding disciplines can be mastered. In terms of sports, the CZU is one of the four most important universities in Prague. It competes for the imaginary throne with Charles University, Czech Technical University and the Prague University of Economics and Business.

The overall ranking of the competition:


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