The team of prof. Petr Sklenička took the reins of the leadership of CULS

Yesterday, on 31.01.2018, during a festive lunch, prof. Ing. Petr Sklenička, CSc. was handed over the “key” to the University by prof. Ing. Jiří Balík, CSc., dr. h. c., now Rector Emeritus.

The new Rector stated that his priorities included, inter alia, an effective enforcement of the University’s interests and an open and friendly style of management. He wishes to focus on quality research and innovation and wants to support gifted students.  

In collaboration with other members of the management, the new Rector will endeavour to obtain more operating funds for the Faculties and the Rectorate and to provide better services to the Faculties, with the emphasis on a financially responsible development of the University.  In his speech, the new Rector also highlighted the issue of employee care and the support of student associations, proclaiming less formalism and more “matter-of-factness”. 

The new management of the University will continue to be composed of the following members: Vice-Rector for International Relations and First Vice-Rector prof. PhDr. Michal Lošťák, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Science and Research prof. Ing. Jan Vymazal, CSc., Vice-Rector for Education doc. Ing. Jiří Remeš, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Development prof. Ing. Václav Hejnák, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Quality of Education and Creative Work doc. Ing. Petr Valášek, Ph.D., Bursar Ing. Jana Vohralíková, Chancellor Ing. Bc. Iva Hrabánková, Ph.D., and Director of Marketing Department Ing. Tereza Kolbabová.

On behalf of his team, Rector Emeritus prof. Ing. Jiří Balík, CSc., dr. h. c. wished the new Rector every success in his future work, and, on the eve of his birthday, prof. Ing. Petr Sklenička, CSc. was presented with the first bottle of vintage barrique wine produced in the CULS Wine Centre.

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