CZU is again the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic


Within the Czech Republic, CZU defended its first place in the UI Green Metric World University Rankings. The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague ranks 53rd in sustainability out of 912 evaluated universities.

The ranking verifies and evaluates data in 6 main categories, which include infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water management, transport and education. CZU performs best in the categories of waste management, water management and education. The Czech Republic is the best in all categories except transport.

What's new in the CZU campus in the field of sustainability?

Last year the “green pavilion“ of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences was built in the campus and it has many green technologies. For example, sunshades which are designed to prevent overheating of the exposed side of the building, a green roof where photovoltaic batteries are placed, a suspended facade to cool the building thanks to climbing wisteria, heating with heat pumps or rainwater tanks used for watering greenery or flushing in sanitary facilities.

The reconstruction of the Ceremonial hall, whose green roof is irrigated by a rainwater retention system, was also completed. Excess rainwater is drained into storage tanks, from which it is used to flush toilets in the building.

The CZU shop has significantly expanded its range of packaging-free cosmetics, cleaning products and fair trade products.

As part of the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge, students built a solar pergola on campus, planted a flowery meadow and planted about 20 trees. Students also run a Free shop, a store where anyone can leave unnecessary things and take anything away. The service works for free.

You can find out about other projects within the framework of sustainability on the websites of individual faculties or the CZU CSR website.

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