CZU Prague has improved its position by 100 places in the latest evaluation of the world's best universities and ranked 801st to 900th in the world and 5th amongst Czech universities.

The so-called Shanghai Ranking is one of the most-recognised international rankings of universities. It focuses mainly on the scientific and research level of institutions and utilises six indicators to evaluate the world's universities, including the number of articles published in Nature and Science journals. It also monitors the number of the most cited scientists in the Highly Cited Researchers database or the Nobel Prize winners associated with the institution.

The Czech Republic has seven representatives this year within the thousand of ranked schools. Charles University was the best, same as last year, with the divided 201st to 300th place.

It is followed by Palacký University in Olomouc, which maintained last year's 501st to 600th position. Masaryk University took the 601st to 700th place, and the Czech Technical University in Prague ranks 701st to 800th. The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague significantly improved its position by 100 places compared to last year, when it has reached the divided 801st to 900th place. Last year, the CZU was in 901st to 1000th group. On the other hand, the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, which was ranked 701st to 800th last year, lost its position. This year, it shares the 901st to 1000th place with the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

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